Back to School

You can’t mistake the air of freshness that rolls in this time of year. There’s a new coolness in every breeze that seems to be increasingly winning against the baking heat of summer. It won’t be long before the leaves turn bright gold and red, and the sound of children playing in the school yard will echo throughout the neighborhood.

I was a strange child: I actually enjoyed school. Every August meant fresh supplies. Ah! The sight of freshly-stocked aisles of school supplies! There are few things in life as sweet as that. New folders, new binders, new paper; it was all so great! Strolling over to the backpacks I decide which of these will be the sole descriptor of me for the next nine months. Which vinyl relief is the perfect badge? Spider Man? G. I. Joe? It usually ended up being either Optimus Prime or something Nintendo (you know, Mario squashing a Goomba, Link slicing a Tektike…that sort of thing.)

But few things in life are that way, nowadays. Today we’ve got reports and faxes and anal-retentive coworkers. Man, sometimes I really miss being in school. I miss that simplicity. The only thing I had to worry about back then was whether or not Julie had a crush on me and if I’d studied sufficiently for the spelling test. It’s strange to imagine that school was supposed to prepare me for this.


5 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. @traya Yeah, and I’m okay with that now! :o)

    @pachysandra It makes me want to make something out of clay, or color with pastels. I considered buying a new binder just for kicks, but I’ve yet to locate a Trapper Keeper.

  2. Ha-ha! Actually, I’m almost certain this site is hosted on TextDrive. At least, that’s what I’ve been told on the TxD forums. And that’s a pen. :o) I hadn’t thought of replacing it; perhaps a Zeb-Roller 2000 would look good there.

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