The Zebra Zeb-Roller 2000 Rollerball Pen

Zebra Zeb-Roller 2000 in black

I’ve got various writing utensils for various purposes. I never have fewer than four different flavors on my desk at one time. There’s no way to explain this kind of behavior to the non-writing-utensil-geek humanoid. Most people simply assume a pen is a pen, and that is that. However, this is so not the case. Every pen and every pencil has a specific purpose; there’s a void that only it can fill. Enter the Zeb-Roller.

For all points and purposes, the Zeb-Roller 2000 is a great pen. But it’s not the pen I carry in my pocket. The Zeb-Roller shouldn’t be lowered to the status of “pocket pen,” performing mundane, everyday tasks. And, dare I say, it would perform poorly in that environment. The Zeb-Roller is a liquid ink roller, with a 0.7mm ball. And the ink is thick and velvety rich, starting off black as oil, and drying to a deep, charcoal grey (this is, of course, if you’re using the black one.)

The mixture of this ink with this ball means the Zeb-Roller leaves a thick, beautiful line. And the ball almost feels like it’s scraping the page. You can sometimes hear the sound of the metal against the paper. The end result is one imagines he must be writing with a fountain pen or a quill. Yet there are no ink blotches on the paper, no re-filling the well every two or three paragraphs, and it comes in handy three-packs. This is like the Babe Ruth of pens.

Not only is this a swell writing pen, it looks good, too. The paint job is the ever-elegant Champaign, and the barrel is just the right width. The only thing I don’t like aesthetically is the “arrow head” tip. Yet, it is this very “flaw,” if you will, that gives you the generous amount of real-estate to grab hold of. My hand never gets tired while writing with this pen. I sometimes feel like I could go on for hours writing with my Zeb-Roller.

So, you must be asking, “Why don’t you write with it more often?” Well, I’m writing with it right now. And with every stroke and every line, I fall more deeply in love with this wonderful pen. It is like that crystal vase that looks perfect on your mantel. Nothing else would work in that spot. I refer to this pen as my “check-writing pen,” as the signature it produces is nothing short of flawless. So, for signing autographs or roughing out your blog posts, the Zebra Zeb-Roller 2000 is it.